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Our Team

Vicki Daniz


Owner, Pet Stylist

Vicki is a Certified Pet Stylist, as well as the Owner, Operator of The Paw Spa. Vicki is a creative Pet Stylist, with an exceptional eye for a well balanced cat and dog grooming. She has in depth knowledge of all breeds and sizes of dogs and cats. She specializes in show quality and traditional grooming. Vicki enjoys demonstrating her unique creativity where possible. She has a remarkable and undeniable connection to cats and dogs, due mostly to her many years of personal experiences and learned knowledge of their behavior. Vicki commands respect and appreciation from dogs and cats, and displays a distinctive ability to calm and control animals in many situations.Vicki is also a respected affiliate to Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS).




Rhianna comes from a long line of experienced groomers, and has been working for over 12 years as an apprentice and groomer. Rhianna worked in her family run shop in Richmond, which handled many aspects of pet care, including daycare, boarding, basic obedience training and puppy kindergarten. She had the opportunity there to work under certified and Mastered Groomers. Rhianna enjoyed working in all the aspects of the shop, and decided she would like to focus on grooming and bring her skills to Langley.

Rhianna has quickly become an essential part of the team with Vicki’s Paw Spa. She believes a fresh grooming has a huge impact on an animal’s behavior and health, stating that you can really see how it changes their demeanor. Rhianna particularly relishes in the behavior and reaction from Terriers, stating that they instantly demonstrate more confidence and pride, and it’s easy to tell how much they love it. She has demonstrated a natural ability to work with these breeds and many others, as she has a natural ability to see balance and symmetry in a classic cut.

Rhianna is enjoying her work at Vicki’s Paw Spa and in the Langley downtown community.
She is happy to have the opportunity to Groom a wide variety of animals, and to even further develop and perfect her skills while working with Vicki.



Bather/Junior Groomer

Alexis has been working directly with animals, in a veterinary office, since she finished college with her Veterinary Office Assistance degree. She worked in the office for a little more than 2 years. While she really enjoyed the work, she decided she wanted to do more with animals and broaden her horizons, which was what encouraged her to seek out a career in grooming.

Since Alexis has joined Vicki’s Paw Spa, she has quickly found her niche, and has become an integral part of the team. Alexis specializes in working with cats, and says while working with them, they have an understanding of each other. Alexis has always had a soft spot for cats, and it shows in her work.

Alexis is really enjoying her position as a Bather, Junior Groomer for Vicki’s Paw Spa, where she’s being given the opportunity to learn under Vicki, and the rest of the team. She is happy to have the chance to utilize her skills and enjoys seeing the change in the animals after their groom. Alexis really likes the fact that every day is unique, and poses new learning opportunities for her.

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